Strawberry Summer

Strawberry Summer

Senior high school music teacher Beth Landon puts herself on the line when she invites world-famous country singer Jason Keith to perform at the Strawberry Festival of her rural town. A one-hit miracle with a rep for copping an attitude and cancelling shows, Jason isn't exactly what Beth's mother, Eileen, considers a musical act to get the beloved festival, which she actually is hosting with her friend Ruth. Reigning as Strawberry Queen, beth, tries to stay for her favorite singer, however it becomes obvious it won't be easy if she meets Jason face. But in his past which could turn his career, he's hiding a secret behind Jason's rockstar image. The festival gig can be really a wonderful solution to reestablish his career and win his audience back appeal. Since Jason spends more time with Beth, his attitude starts to evaporate since one other each encourages to attain their dreams.
Duration: 120 min

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